Children's Doctors

Islip, NY

Are you searching for pediatric doctor or pediatric office around Islip, New York? If so, we have just the pediatric office for you to go to whenever you are seeing quality care for your child. Here at Pediatric Associates- Drs Siddiq and Melman, we always put our patients and their families first, so you can feel a peace of mind knowing that we will always strive to provide you and your child with the best services possible. Around Islip, we have serviced many families over the years and have seen their kids grow up to be adults because we have always been a name that they can trust when it comes to medical care for their children.

Whether your child is in for a check up or being treated for a flu shot, you can be sure that we will always treat you like family when you come into our pediatric office. Dr. Siddiq and Dr. Melman has the years of experience and training to provide your child with quality care and are always there to answer any questions that you may have regarding your child. So if you haven't found a pediatric doctor for your child or are searching for a new one, come and check us out, here at Pediatric Associates- Drs Siddiq and Melman. We guarantee that you will love the staff and the services, here at our pediatric office.

Here at Pediatric Associates- Drs Siddiq and Melman, we are dedicated to preserving a high quality of standards when treating our patients. We always make our patients our main focus. This type of attitude has made us one of the leading pediatric offices around. So if you are looking for a pediatric doctor around Islip and its surrounding areas, make sure to come and visit our office.